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Your car is an important investment and you want only the best to keep your vehicle running smoothly throughout its life, and to make that life a long one. That means finding the perfect service center to take care of all your auto repair needs. When you need auto repair in Dallas, TX as well as other service for your car, look no further than K3S Auto Repair. We service all makes and models of vehicles in the Dallas area.

Trusted Mechanics For Your Car’s Auto Repair

When you choose your auto repair shop, you want someone who is going to treat your baby the way you would if you had the skills to perform repairs yourself. We understand this love of a great car at K3S Auto Repair. We have a passion for them and we strive to pay the same attention to detail in maintenance and repair as their engineers do when they build their vehicles. We love cars and having the opportunities to work on them each and every day. That is why we specialize in them. So, if you’re looking for superior auto repair in Dallas, TX, trust the ones who genuinely love cars like yours.

Mechanics Who Know Auto Repair

Our mechanics do more than standard car repair; they believe in high-quality auto repair. Their thorough training and tools combined with their love of cars make them the best for car’s auto repairs. Plus, all of this comes at reasonable costs. Our automotive technicians love cars. Your car is an extravagant, but finely-crafted, lasting machine. It remains this way when auto mechanics like ours, who love these cars and specialize in them, perform maintenance and repairs. Call us at (817) 554-3183 and trust us with your car’s auto repair in Dallas, TX.

The Best Care for Your Vehicle

K3S Auto Repair is the place to go for your auto repair and maintenance. Whether you’re coming to us for your car’s very first maintenance or repair appointment, or you’re looking for a new auto repair shop, we will always help you keep your car at peak performance. The key to your vehicle’s perfect performance is a thorough preventative maintenance plan that suits you and your car.


The 6 Awesome Outdoor Electric Grills Which need to buy in 2018

The 6 Awesome Outdoor Electric Grills Which need to buy in 2018


  • Kenyon Electric City Grill


This little flame broil is affirmed for both open air and indoor utilize, so you can take it out to the overhang or yard when the climate allows, or utilize it on your kitchen ledge when warm, hail, snow or wind make outside cooking less engaging — or for those occasions when you would prefer not to run in and out to cook the burgers outside while the sauces stew on the stove.gotham smokeless grill reviews


This warms to an incredible 600 degrees in only ten minutes, so you’ll be singing steaks while your neighbors are as yet sitting tight for their charcoal to light. The warmth is productive, as well, since the warming component is in coordinate contact with the cooking surface. A dispensable dribble plate is incorporated and is effortlessly replaceable. Fill it with water to get dribbles and limit smoking, or fill it with stock, juice or other delightful fluids to add additional flavor to your sustenance.


The advanced touchpad gives you a chance to pick one of eight distinctive cooking temperatures so you can burn your steak on high, at that point complete them at a lower temperature. For security, the flame broil kills naturally following 60 or an hour and a half, contingent upon the warming decision, so you won’t coincidentally abandon it on when cooking is finished. The base and sides of the flame broil remain sufficiently cool amid cooking that you can set it on any surface without stresses over warmth harm.


This is anything but difficult to clean when cooking is done since the flame broil meshes and top are removable and dishwasher safe. For considerably greater flexibility, a discretionary frying pan is accessible, sold independently, so you can cook your bacon, eggs and hotcakes for breakfast.gotham smokeless grill reviews



  • Weber Q-1400 Electric Grill


Weber has turned out to be synonymous with charcoal flame broils, however this little electric model breaks that shape with its 1560 watt warming component that gives the ability to singing steaks, barbecuing burgers, and cooking kabobs. This has a sum of 189 square creeps of cooking space and porcelain enameled cooking grates that are anything but difficult to clean while giving great barbecue marks.


Cooking is similarly as simple as on your stove, since the temperature is unendingly flexible. You can turn up the warmth to singe your steaks, at that point turn it down to tenderly cook your sensitive fish. A removable catch dish makes this simple to clean when you’re finished cooking.


The cover and body of the barbecue are thrown aluminum and the edge is glass-fortified nylon, so this flame broil is sufficiently light to be effortlessly convenient, while still solid and simple to keep clean. The 6-foot grounded string is sufficiently long to achieve a helpful outlet on your yard, while still sufficiently short to be protected.


This arrives completely gathered, so you can remove it from the crate and begin cooking supper immediately. A discretionary truck is sold independently, so you can change over this from a tabletop flame broil to a taller unattached barbecue that you can move over the porch effortlessly.


  • Livart Orange BBQ Grill


Little yet intense, this economical minimal indoor/outside electric flame broil is intended for Yakitori-style cooking however does as such significantly more. The open flame broil plan and water dish to get oil give this barbecue as real a style and flavor as can be had with an electric flame broil that is likewise simple to tidy up. The cooking territory is somewhat more than 100 square inches so it won’t deal with more than around two burger patties at any given moment. The cooking region is immaculate anyway for little cuts of meat on sticks (henceforth the Yakitori plan), and sufficiently enormous for two individuals paying little heed to what they need.